Soloist - Installing You Own Copy

Download these instructions here or at bottom

Don't forget that we can also walk you through the entire installation process, if you like, here in the lab or at your house.

A. Installing Soloist
    1. Download the installer for the Soloist demo.

    2. Double click the installer and follow the directions.
      (NOTE: The installation program may find files resident on your PC, which are newer than the files the installation program wants to install. You will be asked if you want to keep the newer files. ALWAYS answer "yes".)

B. Configuring the demo to run as a full version

    1. Log on to your machine and launch Soloist: My Computer Programs Sony Soloist Soloist.exe. (If you’re going to use this a lot, it’s worth creating a shortcut on your desktop or in your Quicklaunch bar.)

    2. Via CTRL-SHIFT-F10, you will access the local configuration file for Soloist, which may require the password access of "sansonly"... or not.

    3. Review the field of tab selections now displayed and select "Other". You will find a line, the last, on which you will enter the IP address for the server running the SANS Concurrent Controller – "". After typing in the address, check your work, then simply press "OK". (If you are not the owner of the machine and hence the administrator, you may need help with this. On school-owned machines, I can do this for you).

    4. Close Soloist, and re-launch. This process will automatically remove the local registration code, and direct Soloist to the Concurrent Controller, to obtain registry. You must confirm this action (click "OK"), during the process.

    5. Test your work, and give us a call with any issues!

Note: When you open the "Tools" menu (right click anywhere on the Soloist panel), if you do not see those you need, go to the "Save Recordings/Editing" tab (via Shift+Control+F10) and select the first box on the bottom half of the panel under "Editing". Click to activate the tools you want.

Don't forget that we in the LLC can help you with any of this!

One last thing for real bleeding edge freaks... If you want the most, most recent version, download the update... It is a .zip file. Open it, follow the instructions in the "read-me" file.

Download these instructions here or at top

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