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If you have not currently spent all of your funds, do you anticipate doing so by the end of the fiscal year?"
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NO, I/we do not need the remaining funds.
NO, I/we need a carryover request.
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State as quantitatively as possible the results of the grant.
(e.g. Artist X visited, gave a lecture, visited 5 classes, and appeared at an all school meeting. Twelve students signed up for this new class last fall. Twenty students participated in building a new X.

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Questions: (You may enter up to 150 characters.)

How close did you come to achieving your original goals (give examples)?

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How did your goals change during the project (give examples)?

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What skills did you, as the grantee(s) learn during this process/project?

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What would you consider the best accomplishment/legacy of this project?

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How will your project affect the Andover community? The larger community?

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What advice would you give to future AAA grant recipients based on what you have learned during this project?

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Do you have a photo and/or would you like to provide additional information? (jpeg, jpg, or gif format only please.) Use your project's name as the subject of the email.

Carry-Over Request Grant recipients should apply for a carryover only when there is a valid reason for postponing the project or for having been unable to complete it.

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